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How Do You Play Your Game?

By The Professor 

After  23 years playing casino games, I have come to know one true fact, of all the millions of gamblers out there, no two are alike. Like snowflakes floating to earth, each player is just as unique. As each of these "snowflakes" comes to land in the casino, they are ready to take on the game with their sure-fired methods of winning. There simply isn't just one method for winning that works every time. However, there are a handful of solid approaches, for playing craps, that are consistently better for producing successful results. These approaches are definitely smarter plays, and the ones to know, if winning is your ultimate goal.

Advantage play means to accumulate several interventions bound together for strength, like wires, wound together, to make a cable strong. A snow flake can easily be brushed off your sleeve, while a four foot snowdrift may be impassable. It comes down to the strength of one, verses the combined strength of many. When you have several ways of playing craps, it adds up like a snowdrift. It provides a savvy player with numerous options in support of achieving the win. 

No two gamblers play craps the same way. The thrill of gambling is a personal experience. The way that you play the game is an expression of who you are. All of your strengths and all of your weakness go with you to the casino. After all, the same person that you get out of bed with each morning, is the same person rolling the dice.

It has never been my intention to force anyone who has studied with me to play exactly as I do. My intention is to empower the gambler with a systematic approach, based on the knowledge that I have successfully acquired from my 23 years of study and training. It is then up to the individual to pick and choose from the accumulated knowledge, and then apply it in their own approach to the game of craps. 

Thirteen years have passed, since I first met Beau Parker, the “Dice Coach”. Six months later, I then met “Soft Touch”, Deborah Garcia. I suppose several factors could explain how the three of us came to be drawn together. I could say it was our "energy" drawing us together that was the most powerful. Taking it deeper, it is also our combined passion for the game, our pursuit of knowledge, and our dedication to creating advantage plays. Over the years of working and playing together, our friendship has developed a special trust and respect. We share ideas that enhance dice play without fear of judgment. In fact, when we meet before the Dice Busters program, we always discuss new strategies, and plays, along with our ideas for improving the program. In all the years of producing Dice Busters, no two programs have ever been quite the same. It is our intention to improve each and every Dice Busters program. You get cutting edge knowledge for the game of craps with Dice Busters.

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