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Preparation for Dice Busters


In preparation of each Dice Busters Experience, we brain storm ideas at the Dice Coach’s craps table. We pour over all possibilities of a strategy, investigating its validity. Instead of discovering ways a play could work favorably, our focused attention exposes leaks in the play. We seek to find the reasons why a play won’t work successfully. It is easy to concoct plays that only profit with specific conditions. It is quite another to come up with a play without leaks, that performs consistently, and  under multiple conditions. We do not play to play, we play to win.  

Dice Coach has a saying, “Any system will work some of the time and, during a hot hand, every system should produce a profit.”  At the Dice Busters, we share a common goal. The goal is to create advantage players who come to own a systematic method, a tool chest if you will, that encapsulates numerous proven strategies. When properly applied, the puzzle pieces snap together, thus enabling the "advantage player" to win with consistency, while restricting any losses to a minimum. 

“It is not about how much you win. It is all about how much you don’t lose.” Too often the player ignores the house edge, pretending that it does not exist. That is, they approach the game as though it were a fair game. Consistent winning is not a matter of hitting it lucky. The house advantage is designed with one purpose, and that is to separate the players from their money. Casinos are humungous profiting businesses with no intention of supplementing the income of any of the customers. Complete knowledge of how to win, when playing craps, is essential for long term success. 

Soft Touch says, “If you don’t like the direction of the game, change your direction.” It is simple enough to say, “Never forget that you are in charge of "you", and you have choices in the game”. Either you are in control, and play with discipline, or you sign up to be another statistic in the counting room. What if you find yourself playing in a game and you don’t like the direction of the game? What if you are not sure of how to change the direction of your play? What do you do? Simple, you walk away. Find another game, there is always a better game. Your job is to find it.

During the casino session, Dice Busters students will observe three different styles of play. One lesson students experience from attending a day with the Dice Busters is how to develop a strong game using several advantages. The Dice Busters’ advantage comes from the combination of the three different perspectives, and years of experienced play. After the classroom lesson, three of the most knowledgeable craps instructors go with the students to the casino for supervised play. Who else does this? With the Dice Busters, our intention is to empower the student to play at their best. It is all about helping you to find your own successful style of play. 

No one approaches the game in the same way. We all have our own personal history and reasons for how we play the game. However, winning is usually close to the top of an individual’s list of motives. So, the next time you are out playing craps, and the question crosses your mind, “I wonder if there is a better way to play?”

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