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Who Are The Dice Busters?

Expert Gaming Instructors

"Dice Coach" Beau Parker, the star of television's A&E "Take This Job" a day in the life of a professional gambler, renowned craps and blackjack expert, founder of DiceCoach.com and Advantage Gaming LLC. Beau has successfully coached hundreds of students in the skill of dice setting and precision dice throwing.

His years of business experience contribute to his flare for pushing the envelope. Beau says, "Yikes Mister! It is not risk taking when you are disciplined enough to stay just under control". He has a lifetime of gaming experience, unsurpassed by anyone in the business. Beau resides in Las Vegas, with his wife Beth.

"The Professor" Michael Vernon, creator of Playing4Keeps Gaming Seminars, "The Do's and Don't of Dice" and "Blackjack for Winners". Michael has been winning at his gaming seminars for twenty plus years. He has authored numerous gaming articles for craps and blackjack. He has published e-books and his own online newsletter, Playing 4 Keeps.

Michael has over 30 years of metaphysical training, including 16 years with metaphysical wizard Stuart Wilde. Michael says, "when it comes to energy, I can teach you to see what others cannot, and to know what others do not know." Michael and his wife Lin reside in Pueblo West, Colorado.

Do's and Don'ts of Dice Playbook

By "The Professor"


"Soft Touch" Deborah "Soft Touch" Garcia is no doubt the most authoritative woman craps player in the world. 

With her philosophy of helping others to help him/her self, she explores the different dimensions of the game teaching students that the casino is a reflection of what goes on in life.  As a dedicated student of "energy", she uses the casino as a laboratory where, as an observer and a participant, she discovers and develops the playing methods she willingly shares during the Dice Busters experience. 

Avidly reading books on the game, studying the subject and working with several individuals who led her on a path to success she has cultivated a deep treasure chest of knowledge. The likes of Jerry Patterson, Chris "Sharp Shooter" Pawlicki, Beau "The Dice Coach" Parker, and Michael Vernon are among a few of the individuals that Deborah has trained with. 

Deborah has been a Parr coach since 2001, and assists coaching with Dice Coach, Dice Feminique, Craps Fest and now Dice Busters

Deborah lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Michael and son. She is the proud owner of www.dicesetter.com and she also publishes a monthly newsletter.

When it comes to the game of craps, there is nothing about the game that the Dice Busters do not know. Their years of combined gaming knowledge are delivered to you in one day. The best part is that you get supervised live casino play with the Dice Busters at your side!

Deborah, Beau and Michael believe positive attitude is the hallmark of a winner. They are passionate about sharing their combined years of gaming experience with those individuals seeking more from the game of life.

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