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You Don't Know, What You You Don't Know.

Dice Busters

Las Vegas, Nevada

To Be Announced


Your Dice Busters Experience

   In the intimacy of the Dice Coach's private residence, instruction takes place on a twelve foot, regulation casino casino table. You will get to employ lessons presented during a practice session to include betting strategies, money management, stop loss, bankroll protection, dice setting, tossing, how to self critique of your toss, and all questions answered.

    Lessons included, but not limited to; a math based foundation for conservative play and adding more advanced plays for prevailing conditions. Application depends on game conditions, (energy of the game). Learn how following table trends and tracking rolls helps validate when to "lean" into the game. That is, know when certain strategies could be employed for successful play. You will learn what to look for when entering a game and also to be alert for when it's time to color up.

   You will also work on dice influencing techniques, grips, toss, and sets. Your toss will be "tuned up" before the casino session.

   You will have the combined resources of the three Dice Busters with you for an information filled day. Each coach has their own particular style and you will benefit from the their years of playing experience. Successful play means eliminating mistakes. You will receive individual instruction critiquing your particular style of play. The Dice Busters will help direct your game plan, one that fits your style of play and bankroll. With the Dice Busters "turbo charged" instructions, your learning curve becomes a straight-a-way, speeding you on to successful play.

   Dice Busters concludes with a casino session. Location to be announced at the program. Again, the Dice Busters are your resources of information. During the game, they will provide coaching, (as needed) and answer your questions. Following the session, they will provide feedback about the results of the casino session, the Dice Busters examine the good, the bad, and the ugly. Confirmation, reviewing lessons learned and lessons missed, reinforces the purpose of the program. Improve your game. Take command of more advantages and experience a more enjoyable craps game and successful play.


Find Out For Yourself...

 There's nothing like this

Incomparable dice program.

Because of the personalized instruction,

class size must be restricted to only 12 students.

 Pre-register now to insure your place.

Registration Information and Price

What: Comprehensive instruction and personalize coaching

            for your dice game. Plus, a casino session.

When: To Be Announced

Where: Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.


How: Pre-Register by Calling Toll Free xxx-xxx-xxxx


Why: Dice Busters is a once in a life time gaming opportunity and it

          is only offered once a year. Professional craps instruction

          addressing advantage play presented by three experts of the



Cost: $895 - for a full day of action packed, gambling information,

          with  personalized instruction, and a Casino Session with the

          Dice Busters. Register now, pay later.

Former Client says...


  I wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. I was impressed with the realistic casino-like set up and your professional approach to the game.  Michael, Debbie and yourself are obviously keen students of the game and your expertise in all its aspects was a real help.


  Just to let you know that of the four sessions I played after taking the class, I had three winning sessions, using my normal betting strategy and Michael's "preserve your bankroll" betting method. Am looking forward to many more winners!!!


I thought the class was well run. I had been practicing the setting and throwing techniques prior to coming to the session but could have used some more actual instruction and demonstration of the technique from you guys.
The biggest benefit from the class was seeing the business like approach you all took to the game. I had come to the realization a long time ago that craps is not a "game" if you want to play on a continuing basis it has to be approach in a business like manner. Your instruction and attitude just confirmed this for me.
So glad I decided to take you class. Anyone who is at all serious about becoming a better dice player should definitely attend one or more of your sessions. You guys are the real deal. Thanks!


  Also, thanks to Beth for welcoming me and the others into her home and for her generous hospitality. D. Rennick - Canada


Registration Information and Price

Nine Reasons To Join The Dice Busters

  1. Three expert dice coaches, one day, one workshop.

  2. Intimate, personable instruction.

  3. Learn to pick winning games and avoid the losers.

  4. Money management and Bankroll protection that works.

  5. Betting strategies to fit game conditions.

  6. Never miss out on a monster roll ever again.

  7. Reduce your losses and maximize your wins.

  8. Dice influencing, dice sets, and set modifications.

  9. Play craps with the Dice Coach, Soft Touch and The Professor.

Now, the Question is... Who Ya Gonna Call?

Pre-Registration Required

Hurry! Seating Limited to Seven People : Pricing - Click Here

Let the good times roll, join the The Dice Busters in fabulous Las Vegas for the gaming experience of a lifetime. This program will change your approach to gambling forever!

Registration Information and Questions:

Call Toll Free xxx-xxx-xxxx

Email: DicePros@dicebusters.com

At Dice Busters, we believe positive attitude is the hallmark of a winner. We are passionate about sharing our combined years of gaming experience and unique approach to winning with those individuals seeking more.


At Dice Busters, We Train Winners!

Transportation, lodging and your playing bankroll are

not included with the price of any Dice Busters program.


Dice Busters Theme Song


If there's somethin' strange,

in your craps game
Who ya gonna call? (Dice Busters)


If it's somethin' weird,

much worse than you feared

Who ya gonna call? (Dice Busters)


If your dice don't look good,

not on axis, like they should

Who ya gonna call? (Dice Busters)


If you're ready to win, you're not alone

Now's your time, so pick up the phone


Toll Free xxx-xxx-xxxx



The most complete gaming adventure in the world

with the Experts of Dice. Live in Las Vegas...

Who ya gonna call?



Who you gonna call? DICE BUSTERS!

Toll Free xxx-xxx-xxxx Email: dicepros@dicebusters.com

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