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Experience Playing Craps with the Pros of Dice


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In just one day you can improve

your dice gaming experience forever!


Featuring Personal Coaching for the Game of Craps with

Soft Touch, The Dice Coach, and The Professor


At Dice Busters - We Train Winners!


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Welcome to Dice Busters

Established in 2004

Next Date To Be Announced




Dice Busters, (Beau, Debbie, and Michael)

Thanks for the recap of the live casino session. I can only repeat what you told us in class, "This stuff really works!" It was amazing to see how dice influencing combined with all the betting strategies that the Dice Busters taught us proved to be so profitable. But you know what impressed me the most, and it was missing from my game, was the energy aspect of Playing 4 Keeps by Michael Vernon. Put me down as a card carrying member from now on. I learned so much about the "inner, unseen workings" of the game thanks to my Dice Busters experience with the tree amigos. After I colored up, with my profits, the program ended up costing me just $49 bucks. It really does work!

This was exceptional value for my investment! You (Dice Busters) delivered a fantastic learning experience

Again, my thanks and all the best to the Three Dice Busters, J.C. / Canada


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You will not find a more engaging gaming workshop

than with the qualified instruction of Dice Busters!


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A Day of Craps with the Dice Busters

     You will experience first hand what it is like to play along side the experts of dice. You will have direct access to coaching advice from all three of the Dice Busters. You will learn to employ the strategies and personal techniques from the the Dice Busters. You will observe the Dice Busters' demonstrations, receive informative critiques of your casino play, and ways of improving your game. The instruction session includes a toss tune up, tweaking your sets, and teaching you self correction. What questions will you have have for the experts of dice?

     Of course, any worthy gambling program provides you with solid money management, bankroll protection, stop loss, disciplined play, conservative, and advanced betting strategies. But, do other programs offer a casino session with the instructors?

     In addition, your use of intention and positive attitude is explained for best results. You will learn from the experts of dice how to effectively combine dice influencing with betting strategies to maximize results.

     There is nothing about the game of craps that the Dice Busters do not know. Their combined years of gaming knowledge, coupled with relatable instruction, delivers the best craps lessons offered anywhere in the world. You will receive the best value for your tuition. During the one day instruction, you will have direct access to the Dice Busters. Your questions will be answered and your gaming needs will be met. When you show up and play craps with Dice Busters at your side, you're playing with three of the most knowledgeable experts teaching the game of dice.

     So, who ya gonna call to enhance your dice game? That's Right!

Take your game to the next level when you team up with

 Beau Parker - The Dice Coach

Deborah Garcia - Soft Touch

Michael Vernon - The Professor

It Only Happens Once a Year!

The Dice Busters Experience

Date To Be Announced

Join the Dice Busters - only $895.

That's right, still the best instructional value

Limited seating for this special offer.

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Price is Right


When you join a Dice Busters program, you will have a great time while learning from the legends of dice. You will be playing the game without worry. You will be glad to know that you can turn to experienced knowledge, when you are out playing craps.

Make Your Plans to Join Us In Las Vegas

 Soft Touch - Dice Coach - The Professor

Meet the Dice Busters


Dice Busters Article


With any given transaction, the odds of winning and losing may be close to even. However, when playing a zero sum game like craps or blackjack the house advantage is undeniable. In order to be a winner, the player must select the best strategies for the prevailing conditions. Not all bets are equal and not all strategies perform all of the time. In the end, somebody is going to lose.


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   Craps legends abound in stories about gamblers in Las Vegas but have you ever wondered about these legendary "millionaire gamblers"?

   Do they really exist, or are they simply inflated egos masquerading in someone's imagination?

   Here's a safe bet, if they really do exist, you won't find'em in the Yellow Pages. 

   So, who you gonna call? Well, if you want the "Real Deal" you're gonna call the  DICE BUSTERS ...that's who!

Date To Be Announced

   The "Dice Coach", Beau Parker, of Advantage Gaming, "The Professor" Michael Vernon of Playing4Keeps, and "Soft Touch" Deborah Garcia of DiceSetter.com, present the most powerful methods for playing craps. This is another one of their hands-on, gaming workshops especially designed and presented as a one day event for you.

  The Dice Coach, Soft Touch and the Professor make a powerful team. Arguably the most knowledgeable gaming experts in the world, present an exclusive one day craps workshop known as Dice Busters.

   No other instructional program approaches the power plays of this one-two punch combination for playing dice. Seriously folks, every other program pales in comparison. Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

   Learn why this unique method of combined strategies for craps will change your approach to gaming forever. It is not enough just knowing how to play. Now you can learn the WHY along with the How to be a consistent winnerAt Dice Busters - We Train Winners!

The Dice Busters Experience


Date To Be Announced

Pre-Registration Is Required


Pricing Info Here


Playing Craps, with The Dice Busters in Las Vegas,


It's a Once in a Life Time Experience!



Who you gonna call? DICE BUSTERS!

Call Now 702-610-5617

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