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 Dice Busters Players Speak

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At Dice Busters - We Train Winners

Dice Busters,

I enjoyed the seminar. I learned some things to watch for at the table, mainly when to walk away.  The stack em don't rack em thing didn't work well for me. I know the reasoning behind it, but, it seems every time  I get to the second or third roll, I or who every else was rolling would crap out and I would lose the stack. But, I will keep trudging on. I know it will come together with the information that was provided. I just need to work on it some more.
Thanks and have a great day
Stephen H. ~2104~

Safely back in So Cal and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for such a wonderful day yesterday!  I learned so much, made 15 new friends (who are kindred spirits in the world of craps) and had a great, great time.  The day flew by and by 7:30 pm I was tired and ready to go. I hope those of you that stayed had some hot rolls!


Here are some of my top "takeaways" from the weekend: 


1)      1. Take action when the universe offers you $20 for $2

2)      2. What a good throw looks like, even if I can't throw like that myself (yet!), at least I can judge other shooters at a table better now, and judge my own practice throws at home (Beau, I will be in touch to work on this)

3)      3. Staying where you play (staying somewhere that has lots of different opportunities to play close by (so I can conveniently find a game that is worthy of me or walk away and come back later if I don't find one right away))

4)      4. Using lay bets instead of don't pass bets on a cold table. I love this idea and look forward to adding that bet to my arsenal

5)      5. Learning to call bets "off" "I have never done this before". There were several bets that I lost last night because I did not listen to that little voice in my head telling me to take them down. I need to learn to trust that voice.

6)      6. The prayer... "Show me know everything that I need to know."

7)      7. Deep breathing before a throw.

8)      8. How to tip the dealers. Thanks for being such a great example of this.

9)      9. Why not to hedge a parlayed pass line win with an any craps bet

       10 Most of all - I confirmed that I love craps (not that there was much doubt) and love to hang out with other people who love it!!!  

Well, I hope you all have good luck at the tables, I hope we can stay in touch and have a meet up in Vegas again next year!  Best, Sherrieie  ~ 2013 ~

Michael, Thank you for the great dice lessons you have given me. I look forward to coming back one day and learning  more advanced skills from you. J. M. ~ 2012 ~

Thanks for the recap of the live craps session. I can only repeat what you told us in class, "This stuff really works!" It was amazing to see how dice influencing combined with all the betting strategies that the Dice Busters taught us proved to be so profitable. But you know what impressed me the most, and it was missing from my game, was the energy aspect. Put me down as a card carrying member from now on. I learn so much about the "inner, unseen workings" of the game thanks to my Dice Busters experience. After I colored up, with my profits, the program ended up costing me just forty-nine bucks. TSRW! Best to the Three Amigos, J.C. / Canada ~ 2012 ~
I still am not down off the high of coming in 5th place at this April's 2009, Las Vegas Hiltons $100,000 craps tournament! $4,000 sure is coming handy right now. I must thank you again for giving me sound advice between rounds. It says a lot about your character when you do something like that when you and Pablo were busy trying to win this tournament yourselves. I can't tell you how much of what I learned from you went into this win. Maybe the biggest input, might have been when I put $1500 on the "don't" line and $3000 (odds), with the point a 6, in the semi finals, I managed to set and throw a 7 to beat the 6. I then used my double up chip on this win to push me into the final round. I used your "setting' techniques, your "dice control" techniques (I will throw some credit to Debbie, AKA soft touch from the Dice Busters class for this also) and "the mind set" that I learned from you at your classes (with credit to Michael Vernon, again from the Dice Busters class) to accomplish this.
Steve G.

September 2008 Dice Busters...

Hello Debbie and Michael,
It was such a pleasure to meet you both and spend a day of dice with you.  You are both such a great persons as well as a teachers.  We've learned so much from both of you and we appreciate what you have taught us. 
We liked it so much at The Orleans, we played there for the rest of three days we were there.  I had two big rolls, 27 and 32. My husband Michael and I did the parlaying the natural and boy, did that work!  It is really amazing, thank you "Professor"!  Each time when it was my turn to roll, I can hear your voice, Debbie, asking me "what number are we thinking, Kay?"  I say to myself, 5, 9, or whatever.  Taking a deep breath, exhale and shoot!  Sometimes it didn't work but the most of the time it worked!  Thank you, Debbie!
We became  good friends with a floor manager named Kim.  Kim told us that she will give us comp rooms next time when we come to Vegas!  How about that?  We did what you taught us, tipping bets for the dealers and boy did they appreciate that.  So our dealer told Kim about how generous we were in tipping and playing for them when nobody else did.  So it really worked!  Take care, with our thanks and best wishes, Kay and Michael from Canada

June 2008 Dice Busters...

Dear Michael, Paula and I enjoyed the Dice Busters Weekend in June. It was a great time, and we learned a lot. I read your recent newsletter and rented the movie, The Cooler. It was intense enough that Paula and our older son (Andrew, age 23) had a hard time watching the movie entirely. Anyway, I did and it left a great impression about the energy flow in the casino. How can I learn more about energy flow and enhance my personal positive energy flow. I think it would help in my personal lie and medical practice as well as in the casino. Thanks for your input. Mark

October 2007  Dice Busters...


 I wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop.

 I was impressed with the realistic casino-like set up and your professional approach

 to the game.  Michael, Debbie and yourself are obviously keen students of the game

 and your expertise in all its aspects was a real help.


 Just to let you know that of the four sessions I played after taking the class, I had three

 winning sessions, using my normal betting strategy and Michael's "preserve your

bankroll" betting method. Am looking forward to many more winners!!!


I thought the class was well run. I had been practicing the setting and throwing

techniques prior to coming to the session but could have used some more actual

 instruction and demonstration of the technique from you guys.


The biggest benefit from the class was seeing the business like approach you all

took to the game. I had come to the realization a long time ago that craps is not a

 "game" if you want to play on a continuing basis it has to be approach in a business

 like manner. Your instruction and attitude just confirmed this for me.


So glad I decided to take you class. Anyone who is at all serious about becoming

 a better dice player should definitely attend one or more of your sessions. You guys

 are the real deal. Thanks! D. Rennick - Canada

How I attend the Three Amigos Workshop for a Buck!


I was excited about attending the Three Amigos Workshop that was held in

Las Vegas in October 2007.


I wanted to share with you that of the many techniques and strategies we 

covered 1 in particular stuck with me, that strategy was how to win playing

 the Hardways.


The Three Amigos showed us the strategy of how to parlay the hardways. 

Leaving all the winning on the hardway number looking for another hit.


So that night when we went to the casino to play I place a $1 bet on the hard eight. 


It hit and I parlayed it to $10. 

It hit again and I parlayed it to $100. 

It hit again and I was paid $900.


So I was able to pay my tuition to the "Three Amigo Workshop for a Buck.


Thanks for everything your student

Steve - Seattle, Washington

Michael, I wanted to drop you a quick note about the metaphysical information you put out, especially in your latest newsletter. Your insights have assisted my game considerably! So, Michael, thanks for your articles! ... You have assisted me considerably! Thank you! Best Wishes, Al aka Double Trouble

Hey Professor and Dice Coach! You were right, this thing works. I played craps at a local casino last night. There were only four other players. I "tip-toed" in like you taught me Dice Coach. The players' energy seemed low so Professor, I followed your lessons about winners and losers. I lost on the first three shooters, but because of what you all showed me, my losses were minimal. When I got the dice, I caught a nice three point hand. I rolled about 18 times before the seven-out. Just like that I got back my losses and had a profit. I laid off two of the next shooters and called it just like the Professor. Both guys had short hands. My next turn I rolled 32 times with four points. Dice Coach, the set modifications you showed me worked like a charm. I was rolling in total probability. Setting for sevens on the come-out, rolling on axis every time. The other guys were in disbelief when I told them now the sevens are out of the way we are going to make some money. Professor, you'll going to love this. After I sevened-out I colored up. A couple of guys moaned and the fellow next to me said, "you've played this game before". Anyway, in the time that it took to color up, toke the boys and say good night, there were four seven outs before I could get away. Professor, when you say "run don't walk", I get it now. Dice Busters has got to be the best investment I have ever made.

Thanks guys! Little Moe from Kokomo

Thanks for the email. I really enjoyed the Dice Busters weekend. You certainly packed a lot of information in a short weekend. I appreciate all your ideas and hope to implement them on the weekends. I hope we'll meet again before too long.  Best always, Jim Long

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Hola Mike! I just got in from Vegas this morning...It was such a great pleasure meeting you. You're an extremely talented instructor and I will practice and apply the skills you taught us. Hope to see you in Craps Fest May 2005. Thanks for all your patience and help during the course.  Take care and see you at the tables! Jess

Michael-I really enjoyed reading your last issue of the newsletter.  I appreciated your sage response to the 'Box Man' regarding dice setting.  Also, I am eagerly devouring the episodes of 'On the coat tails of a Gambler'.  You really have something interesting going on here.  More please! Gracias,  Bob

Thanks for all the great info at Dice Busters, I went from knowing nothing about
craps to feeling very confident in two short days.


The personalized, hands-on instruction really made things click and showed me how everything fits together: precision shooting, mind-set, betting strategies & bankroll management.

To cap everything off, watching you & Michael 'The Professor' Vernon demonstrate how true winners play & win, at multiple sessions live in the casinos, was priceless.

I look forward to seeing you again soon! Marc F. Biloxi, MS

Dear Michael and Beau,
Dice Busters weekend was terrific.  You showed me how to use metaphysics - the energy of the game.  The Coach taught how to bet and toss the dice.  The practice sessions proved that what I was taught would work and I also learned that I was over betting for my allowed bankroll. 

My betting strategy has changed along with looking for tables with positive energy.  The proof of the class was when all of us went to the casino on Sunday together playing as a team, giving each other positive energy and cashing out with a profit - the proof was in the session.
If you need help with your game, who ya gonna call - DICE BUSTERS!
Thanks Michael and Coach for getting me back on track. Bob - Buffalo, NY

Hey Dice Busters,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciated the Dice Buster course that I recently attended. I was able to put the new techniques and mental conditioning to work at my very next casino session.

The results were spectacular.  I would recommend this course to anyone that has a true interest in the game, and wants to improve their results.  Dice Coach and Michael Vernon make a great teaching team.

Thanks, Joe Perry

Dear Dice Busters,

I attended your Dice Busters class back on July 4th weekend with my friend Bill. I just wanted to thank you Dice Coach for all your help with my dice sets. These past two weekends I have finally been able to get in some live sessions in Atlantic City. These were some of the best sessions I've ever had. Not just from a money perspective, but from the amount of rolls I was able to throw. Most of my sessions are now at least 20 + rolls and with Michael's Playing 4 Keeps betting strategy I can survive the other players at the table until its my turn.

Thanks again for all your help and hopefully I 'll get back to Las Vegas for your Craps Fest in October.
James M., Port Jefferson, NY


Two gaming adventures, Two gaming experts,

 Live in Las Vegas, plus the Dice Busters Craps Tournament...

 That´┐┐s gotta be Too much fun! That's Dice Busters!

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